A Survey: What Students Find Most Valuable About E-Learning

A Survey: What Students Find Most Valuable About E-Learning

Whether it's a traditional classroom lecture or an online course, one of the most important things about learning is understanding what the student is supposed to learn. An article in this blog discusses the Survey on what students find most valuable about e-learning. With topics from learner engagement to how learners feel about their interactions with each other and instructors, it provides an interesting insight into how students feel about e-learning.

An Overview of E-Learning in the Industry

In the past, the main draw for companies to create an e-learning course was that it could be completed in a shorter time and with less labor than a traditional course. However, this is not what their students want anymore. Students of today want to learn from the comfort of their own home. They want to develop skills that will set them apart from other people. This is a survey of the general public and it's findings. The most important takeaway from this article is that technology is changing how we learn which creates an opportunity for educators and companies to act smarter.

Benefits of Students with Learning Disabilities

The benefits of students with learning disabilities is an important idea to consider. For example, one student wrote that they would feel more confident in their abilities because they were given such a great opportunity. It also allowed them to demonstrate their skills, and helped them grow.

How Students Use Course Materials and Other Resources

From a survey done by Dr. Gloria Joseph, students found course materials and other resources to be the most valuable part of an e-learning program. Students that were asked about what they found most valuable said that course materials were essential for them because when reading assigned chapters, there is no need for them to be on their phones or computers. They also mentioned that other resources such as homework and quizzes are helpful in building their confidence in a course material.

Determining Effectiveness of a Promotion

The prevalence of email promotions suggests that the lack of promotion and advertising in e-learning is a barrier for its success. There are three ways to assess effectiveness of a promotional campaign: Cohort analysis, market analysis, and person-based analysis. The purpose of this survey was to determine the effectiveness of a promotion. One way to measure this effectiveness is using the Delighted and Not delighted groups, which are composed of students who agreed or disagreed with the promotional message. The results showed that students who agreed with the promotional message were 11% more likely to be delighted than those who disagreed, revealing that the promotion was effective.


The survey found that the students are most interested in being able to work on assignments and completing projects in a timely manner. They also value the ability to learn at their own pace. The conclusion of this study is that students value online courses because they can learn when and how they want to.


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